Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arab summit final statement dictated by Condoleezza Rice

A week ago Egyptian newspaper alshaab said that the reason behind Condoleezza Rice’s meeting with the foreign ministers of the so called “Moderate Arab” countries [Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and UAE] is prepare them [to do and not do] for upcoming Arab summit.

Among the (not to do) list are the following:

1- The final statement of the summit should not condemn or criticize Israel policies of in the occupied territories.

2- Not to issue any references to the civil war in Iraq, including condemnation of the American invasion of Iraq as a reason for this war, so not to cause further embarrassment to Bush administration.

To Do:

1- to pressure on President Bashir of Sudan to accept international demands in Darfur, and to consider a condemnation of the genocide in Sudan.

2- Pressure against Syria to stop supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

Interestingly is how Sudan and Syria are going to react on this.

If think that the whole final statement is a joke made by the newspaper then here is Qadafi in his interview on Al-Jazeera, explaining why he is not participating in this Arab summit and previous Arab summits.

Qadafi holding the last Arab summit in Cairo final statement in his hands saying:

The final statement was distributed on Arab leaders weeks before the summit even started, I have got my copy.

watch video here [save as…, Arabic video, you need flv player]

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