Friday, March 23, 2007

DeLay: I quit for Israel

Tom DeLay says he quit the U.S. Congress to fight for Israel and conservative causes.

Tom DeLay says he quit the U.S. Congress to fight for Israel and conservative causes.

The former
Republican majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives was forced to step down from his leadership post last year to face charges of breaking fund-raising laws in his home state of Texas. DeLay surprised colleagues by quitting Congress altogether and joining a conservative think tank.

Appearing on CNN on Thursday to promote his new book, "No Retreat, No Surrender,"
DeLay said he stepped down because "I had to do two things, push the conservative cause and support Israel." He said he felt he would be more effective doing so as a commentator than as a rank-and-file congressman.

DeLay was one of Israel's fiercest defenders in the House, at times deriding bills driven by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the main pro-Israel lobby, as insufficiently pro-Israel.


Anonymous said...

birds of feather

racists tend to congregate together

delay doesn't give two craps about israel, he's a narcissistic xenophobe in deep denial and paranoia.

funny how they bring someone under their wing who believes an end times prophecy that requires the destruction of Israel.

reminds me of the neo-nazis, they fully support the jewish state, and the deportation of jews "back to where they came from" too.

misery loves company

Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent CCNWON said...


rickyfitz said...

Here you have one of the most powerful members of congress saying he can be more effective for the conservative movement and Israel as a commentator than a member of congress.

Says a lot.

ISRAOIL said...

How does some-one get to be Jewish ? I know it is very easy to become a CatOlick but not Jewish. I'd like to join and don't have the foreskin. I think Delay is whoring himself for the excclusive Frat Rat club.

Anonymous said...

"I am a Christian Zionist"
... Tom Delay

The road [back] to the glory daze of Mosada!

These Talmude Dandies need to be dealt with - they need some serious re-education time. Zionism is the broadest class of Racism the world has known. It is especiaially attractive to mopey low iodine inadequates who want the governement (that would be us) to pay their Trailer Park rental bill in Israel as they delightfully spend their days experimenting on a variety of cruelty modes with the hope that they will find one or two to relieve their inadequacies.

Many are inbred Klannish types (maybe they're trying to "back breed" to their common Ashkenazi godfather (it wasn't Abraham - he was Iraqi) - who knows. But - when you see parishioners of a particular (state) church with broad noses, buck teeth, broad foreheads, poor vision and a high incident of Chromes Disease - you can bet brother and sister (or father and daughter - the re-enactment of Lott) have been whipping up dragon lotion behind the budiour curtains for more than a few generations.

At least they're keeping it in the family!

Even the Star of David is a Kahzaar Symbol. And now we have a church claiming, in defiance of anthropological norms, that it's parishioners constitute a Race. In otherwords, Whoopie Goldberg, Sammy Davis Jr, Tom Lantos (CA) and Engle (NY) are now the same racial extract.

Next thing ya know they'll be telling us they're god's chosen people!

Remember when this all started? De Milles 10 Commandments - the white Egyptians that were not Jews and the white Egyptians that were Jews. Moses was, according to the bible, of "bronze" skin. He did't look like up-Chuck Heston for a moment - but it sure made white America feel close to the godless' god.

The Popular Liberation front for America tends to categorize the Delays, Obamas, Obeys, Clintons - and everybody except a handful of democrats and a few patriotic republicans as "Israeli Firsters". Allow me to suggest they are really "Let Israelis suffer First". The everyday Jew and Israeli is little more than an ad campaign for fascism and fodder for a hopefully profitable "rapture". What happened to the industry - the ethic of the Jew? Where is the Jew that gave us Jesus, Albert Einstine or Paul Welstone?

He's shooting at brownies trying to get to a hospital or school as they walk the path past the trailer park , Israel, we have bought for him - that's where!

A good place to hide a crime would be under a nun's hymen - a better place would be behind an "eternal holocaust" shield. The governemt of Israel is little more than gestapho for US War and Oil Bankers - they have assured a trillion dollar defense budget. They have assured 3$/Gal gasoline even though we have been in a oil glut for several decades.

And speaking of Alber Einstien - in a letter to the editor in th New York Times, in 1946, he decried, along with other prominent Jews, the crimes of terrorists claiming to be Jews in Palestine. Rahm Emmanuel's father (yes the same Rahm from Illinois that told dems not to appear on the Colbert Report) was in Israel and a leader in one of those groups that Einstien labeled criminals - in the proto Israel - Borne of Balfour, Brandies, Wilson and the WZO.

Where is the Jew? Is the world [only] left with a criminal - claimining to be a Jew - a terrorist - like the terrorists that attacked the USS Liberty - like the terrorist advising US Army intelligence in Iraq to plant car bombs in Iraqi cars? A criminal can no longer claim to be a Jew - he his a criminal - period.

We are fast approaching the tme when the children of Josephus will again smelt the gold from the teeth of the waste of calcium and Ontogeny - the reformed Jews' skull.

Nobody in the US congress or Israeli government cares about the Jew - they only care about the bribes Israel's provocations put in their pockets!

Good news - Israeli sentiment for US congress critters - not the kapos in their their government - but Israelis, correlates inversely with AIPAC's donations to congress members.

The more a US official recieves from AIPAC - the less the Israeli man in the street approves of him.

AIPAC is not an Israeli lobby - it is the new age Josephus lobby for War and COmmodity Bankers - and when the hard sought armaghetton finally happens - the first on the scene to smelt the gold from the fried Jew's skull will be AIPAC - you can bet on it!

Folks - all this stuff is intesting - but - lets's not forget the big crime - 911 - we need justice for 911. When we get that - all other issues will be resolved

The Constitution Prevails


Anonymous said...

"when you see parishioners of a particular (state) church with broad noses, buck teeth, broad foreheads, poor vision and a high incident of Chromes Disease"

"The Constitution Prevails


Holocaust politics and race science, gee, where have I heard that before?

Certainly not from groups like the heritage front who like to infiltrate and co-opt whatever movement they are able to.

Go green...did you know the jews...

Free palestine...did you know the jews...

End the Iraq war...did you know the jews...

911 was an inside job...did you know the jews...

Talking about zionist extremism, wether political or religious based, is like walking a tightrope. If you don't know how to keep your balance, there are nothing but alligators with jaws wide open waiting for you to fall on either side.

Holocaust politics and race science are best avoided because all it does is attract fringe groups eager and waiting in the wings for their "moment" to seize an opportunity.

As we can see above.

Strange, I've noticed this on many boards.

The minute you bring up anything that might be remotely related to "jews"...they come out of the woodwork.

Without neo-nazis, zionist extemists would be out of work. Who else would they point to?

So the neo-nazis and zionofascists team up and work together.

Golly gosh, that sounds just like CUFI and AIPAC!

What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

is the fog of war clearing yet?

"War... is the moment when the energy of a single hand shows itself in the most seducing form." --Thomas Jefferson to Hector St. John de Crevecoeur,1788. ME 7:115

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous March 23, 2007 1:19 PM

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

If you are a Jew - as my ancestors were (they quit when the Zionists cut a deal with Hitler and left the Diaspora to starve and slave in war time Germany - while the Nazis - on the good [Nazi Ship] Tel Aviv tranported them [the Zionists] to Palestine - along with machine equipment and a couple of hundred thousand marks.

You get all mysty about a plea for Judea to help us defeat Zionism - you call - or imply - the callers are racists.

Who is the racist?;jsessionid=A0502BF563E2356DF368742CB4FA5BA5

Who is attacking Jews?

Who is the real enemy of the Jew (aside from your cultivated, self destrying sensitivities)?

What is Zionism - is it good for the Jewish Church? Is it good for the world? What is it's history? Read (or listen) to this speech gioven by a Jew in 1961:

Whose interests does Zionism serve? Who profits from their provocations?

Who suffers - we all do - Jews and Goys alike. Now I am not going to go into the racist doctrine of the Talmude - but I will say - if you really care about Judea - then you have a lot to learn - your over sensitivve response indicate a successful Zionistic indoctrination - you need to free yourself from that.

There are no "chosen" people - there are no churches whose parishioners are above the parishioners of other churches.

The world would not be be the world it is today with the great contribution of the Jewish CUlture - but that culture is being set up to take the fall to enure the profits of those who care for none of us.

The Constitution Prevails!
Peace Cadavre

Tired of the Noise said...

No one should be in Congress or the White House who isn't there to fight for American's rights and freedoms, and to protect America. No man can have two masters. Our elected officials have been bought lock, stock, and barrel by Israeli interests!!

Anonymous said...

Go git'em "Hot Tub" tom.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Tired of Noise.

We cannot blame others trapped in the same circumstance (and crisis) as we are.

The Jew - the Israeli - is being set up. The intensity of Jewish participation in the media and government is a bait for the most part. Jews (Most are real - a few others use Judea like a condom) are less than 2% of our population. May be more - there has been an exodus from Israel (who can blame?). Yet our congress is almost 10% Jewish Parishioners, the Clinton white house was staffed at 55% Jewish parishioners - while dubby's hovered at 35% - Flieshman ("with us or against us"), Libby, Perle ("I sell terror alert advice and systems") left - Necromonger Negrophonte is safe, for the time being from war crimes warrants out of Hondurus. Wolfowitz (another failure who got promoted - was involved with Rummy in a wierd genetic based antibiotic project - certain genetic traits prevented a medicine from working - St Mary's Hall!) - Fieth (a trader) - they call themselves Jews. These guys are criminals whose only protection is the contrived holocaust shield - they use Judea for a condom - they hide behind the Jew - they pretend to be Jews. Israelis know this. Jews know this.

Most Jews we employ as custodians of the constitution are hard working patriots - many - behind the scenes and chameeling as politically correct non-self haters are doing more than we can measure to save our house of state. They pretend to bend with the winds of the holocaust jihad - the have to stay close if they are to be watch dogs.

Not all are Foxgirl's or Dueschobagowitz's!

Most of our governemt (goys (muslims christians) and jewish parishioners are ethical and we can be sure they are chameeling while a course is being determined. They are Americans - as we are - and they share our concerns.

But we are being baited - the Jew (even mild Zionists can be human - we all have our prejudices - it's the extent to which we admit them and accept the fact that notions of devine grants of supremacy are little more than a looney toone hang-over from the dregs of fear our ancestors (all of our ancestors) lived through before and during the Dark Ages. Our fuedal grandfather's supersticions.

Zionism is the last vestige of institutonal hate based on the absurdity of a devine grant. And anyway - the 95% of todays church are not even descended from the man this devine agreement was made with.

Don't blame Jews or governments - we are all trapped in this. Kieth Oberman says what he says because he works for General Electric. General Electric is a "War Banker" -as is Carlyle Group - United Defense - Boeing - Locked. Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn say what they say because they work in a structure concieved by a goy - the head of United Defense and now assitant sectretary of the Treasury, Rober Kimmit. Robert Kimmits brother, General Kimmit, was the guy in charge of ABu Gahrib - insread of being put in shackles, has has been promoted to the Pentagon.

It's not the gatling guns - but the bullets they shoot - that make all the money. Do you really beleive an attack plane - tank or helicopter come back to base with unused ordinance. It's all about money and making it look like some young American or some Young Iraqi coughing up blood are symbols of glory and vengence. It's BullSh*t!!

It's about the money - we blame each other because that's what they've taught us to do,

So - It's not Jews - or Americans - or Muslims - or Israel or the US or Iran - it's crime families that make easy bucks off making something so unatural - so digusting - WAR - look as though it is an inevidable consequence of our shared humanity forever - Bull Sh*t!

War is money - war is inflated profits - a war in the oil sands of Araby assures an oil glut (over supply) will appear (as magic) and price as a tight market - WAR IS MONEY - not our religion - color of skin or nationality.

It's all BS - blood money for just a few houses and their corrupt minions our voting machines select (their clerks) that are running this game on all of us - Israel - Jews - Muslims - they are not the villians - the people putting the trillions of annual global defense and energy profits in their f*cking pockets are the bad boys.

An Israeli - a Jew - a Muslim - a Catholic - they are victims as you and I - they are our neighbors.

They are not our enemy.

The Bankers (through their media and select El Dueches) want us to blame someone or this or that - that's what they want - and while we do that - they pick the gold from our teeth.

Don't blame others trapped in the same lie you are - follow the money - that's where the real boogeman is - and a couple of billion to Israel is chump change - a loss leader - but look at all the profits those misconcieved provocations achieve. Israelis AMericans Iranians Iraqis aren't pocketing the money - you need to find out who is and quit falling for their bait.

The Jew - Israel - Palestine - every breathing body on the planet are all victims of the same demons.

We are sold death and glory like candy is sold to a kid.

The COnstitution Prevails

Rampaging Manatee said...

Someone needs to build a huge tar/feather factory.

The demand for such material will rise sharply in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Tom Delay is a politician whose corruption skidmarks make him far less than presentable to the average voter, especially in an election with a hot topic gathering a higher turnout than usual.

Sadly, he would know who needs the payola the most so his name and questionable lobbying will likely still go hand in hand.

Tired of the Noise said...

Cadavre - You make some interesting points, however, much of it is deflection. It is not the people of Israel, nor it's religion that Delay is seeking to protect. It is the power hungry Lobby. Aipac and other groups represent an idealogy which seeks to see Israel take control of the entire middle east. They believe they are destined to prevail, and will stop at nothing. They prey on extremist Christians who seek to bring about the 2nd coming through war, believing they will be glorified in Heaven for ushering in the time of tribulation which will preceed the reestablishment of the New Jerusalem on Earth. The glory they seek is no different than the 72 virgins, and the pursuit of that glory is based on vanity and fed by ego.

So the vast majority of the world is now held hostage in the middle of a war waged by extremists, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. The result will be the destruction of the world because of a fool's folly.

As for your claim that "Most of our governemt (goys (muslims christians)... are ethical", that is a fantasy. Ethical people can no longer be an active part of big government. There is too much corruption to allow those who would object or cause trouble anywhere near the power centers. Our elected officials no longer serve the people. It's not the People who handed them power, nor who will allow them to keep it. It is big business, the corrupt, and the powerful they must serve.

True democracy is dead in the US. It is only an illusion kept in place to feed the apathy most citizens feel about politics. Because they believe they are free, even though they feel powerless, they will not complain. Instaed they admit defeat and choose to not get educated or involved. Being free requires an effort most are not willing to make. So they choose to do nothing, happy with the idea that if they really wanted to, they could make a difference, but only if motivated enough to do so.

Bush, Cheney, Rove and Delay should be wearing tar and feathers by now. Instead they continue to freely dismantle the Constitution why most of us wallow in denial.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tired of Noise

Patriotism is in the hearts of the citizens. When I say patriots - I mean rank and file civil and military employees of the government - the ones that the War and Oil clerks (the politicans and political agency leadership) have been silencing and revising.

There are patriots in the agencies - but they are fired or transferred or dedacted, deleted and omitted - or, like Pat Tillman, reaping the benefit of friendly fire silencing.

I agree, some rank and file governemt employees may be victims of the "war / supremacy opiate", but most are like us - they want the nightmare to stop. Even Bush Insiders, like Morgan Reynolds "they (the neocons) blew the WTC to smitherines", say what they know - but they get muffled with the "noise" of small fry blaming.

The crime that took advantage of our indoctrination (the great [recent] dumb downing of America) that began with Jimmy Carter and his aids, father Colonel John Kimmit and his son Robert Kimmit (CEO of United Defense served concurrently on as director of CNN's Foreign Policy Editorial Board - and now US Treasury guy), advised Carter that an attack rather than a negotiation, would be the best way to to solve the "hostage crisis".

What would any citizen of any nation do if secret police from another nation were funding black bag operations against citizens in their country?

At least Carter's "advised and cultivated" consent gave Ragen the election and allowed Ollie to smuggle and profit from cocain and arms trafficing for a while.

Then we had the Iran Iraq war. Remember the USS Start - hit by an Iraqi plane with an Exocet. If the Stark would have sunk - the Iranians would have been blamed. The Stark was a false flag attack fostered by US government criminals that failed. Remeber the Vincenes mass murder of 200 or so Iraqis on a commercial air liner - that was an attempted provocation.

The newest dumb down is the story that "AIPAC" runs the show. AIPAC is a heatshield, like Rummyy, like Alberto ("i don't pick cotton") Gonzales, like Dubby - they are all heat shields - and there are plenty more.

AIPAC ferments anti Israeli sentiment through words and actions. If they were an all powerful - all caring Israeli lobby - the Israel would be at peace now - Israel would be economically secure instead of deep in Bankrupcy.

The only value Israel has is in it's war provoations - which has translated to trillions in defense spending (did you know that to kill one Iraqi takes over 300,000 bullets - the bullets are made in Israel) Sure Israel gets a couple of billion a year for make Jews look like monsters - AIPAC gets a couple of Million a year for making Jews look like monsters - but United Defense (of CNN fame) and CBS (of NBC fame) get 100 Billions.

Israelis are living like hobos - they are involved in the black market - sex slave trade - drug trade - but they aint getting rich - they're being set up.

AIPAC is a fall guy - the Jew is a fall guy.

My cousing used to say "Watch the doughnut, not the hole!".

The "hole" is the pockets that trillions of of treasure - trillions of our harvest are falling into. The hole is the pocket where all those millions of dead bleed into.

The criminal are those crime family "Dons" and some of "our" selected clerks (like Randy "don't reach for the soap" Cunningham"), who are wearing the "pants" with the pockets our allegorical hole is in.

If I saw Israelis "blinging down" with P-Ditty on Rodeo Drive shopping for gold necklaces - I would agree with you. But Israelis are not doing that - they are behaving and appear as out of work jerks on the tube.

It's not AIPAC - it's GE - It's not AIPAC - it's Carlyle Group - It;'s not AIPAC, it's United Defense, it's not AIPAC, its Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

I am sure Jesus, Einstine and Wellstone are rolling in their graves at how evangelical and dumbed down the Jew our times has become.

But their are Jewish/Israeli voices. Uri Avenry - Gilad - Wellstone - many many more - but TV don't give us those guys - TV only gives us the Duechobagowitzes and the Tommy Boy Lantosis!

Jews - Israelis - they're just schlups caught up in the same War Crime Families' Holocaust Jihad we are.

Everything is manipulated to prevent us from looking at whose wearing the pants, with the pockets with the holes that all our treasure and blood is being poured into.

We have to get under the surface of this - the criminals want us yelling at each other - they want shallow discontent - they want us to be loud mouthed idiots - they don't want us looking at what's really going on - and the Jew - with all failings he as succumbed to in our time - is not wearing the pants with the pockets with the holes in them - his pockets are just like ours - empty except for lint.

"Here I am with nothing but lint in my pockets and I feel like the richest man in the world!"
... Henery Miller - Tropic of Cancer

I think instead of going after each other - we just go directly to the criminally rich - and reclaim all they've stolen and spend it on something good - like a healthy future and easy sex!

A Christian or Jew or Israeli that commits a crime - loose any claim they may have had to that culture or church - they are only criminals - nothing more.

I am only suggesting we watch, instead, the hole, and ignore the doughnut.

The Constitution Prevails